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UPCOMING Performances...


In the weeks and months to come there are numerous LIVE performances planned, along with some very special shows.  I am always honored by the amazing list of musicians I have the great pleasure to perform with, and many of them will be joining me here.  Please check the schedule below... find a date that works for you... and come join me for the music we all love.

So many wonderful friends to thank for a GREAT 2020! (All things considered!)


As a friend of mine always says, “never name names… you’re bound to overlook someone!”  Still, here are a few that deserve honorable mention!

In no particular order!

Andy… TJ... Heather… Angela… Lisa… Jenny… Gerry... Kevin… Dan…

2022 Summer Schedule
2022... can you believe it?
All I can say is...
We WILL get through this!
As a result of the 2021 Pandemic, bars and clubs are slow in reopening and starting back with live music.  A few are just now starting, and as soon as the schedule begins I will keep you all updated.  HANG IN THERE!
Sunday Web.jpg
Every Sunday at BAR A, in Belmar. 
Special Drink Menu, Special Food Menu, and ME!
~ Very SPECIAL Announcement ~

I have just completed work on my long awaited release.



With so many musicians and friends to thank, I proudly offer this work for your enjoyment.  Many years have gone into making this record, and I am so proud of it.  I hope you enjoy it! 

It is available at Jack's music in Red Bank, and all major Digital Download sites.

DOWNLOAD the CD here, at

~ YouTube ~

I have just completed work on a song and video for my forthcoming release.


The Last Cowboy


With special thanks to my friends H. Thomas Jones, Chris Plunkett, Todd Sherman, Jim Celestino, Joe D'Angelo, Gary Oleyar, and Steve Jankowski, the images of the old west help bring this song to life.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks Tom!
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